flakesBreakfast Cereals have now got a new mantra of going organic. And as if that was not enough we at 24 Mantra went further to actually create new product ideas. Like our Organic Ragi Flakes with multigrain. Or our Corn Flakes with flax and amaranth. In every breakfast cereal, apart from organic integrity we have ensured there are new ingredients that actually catalyze health and nutrition.

For instance one serving of 30g of Ragi Flakes have:

  • Vitamin E equal to 4 almonds taking care of 6.5% of your RDA
  • Less than 100mg of sodium contributing to 4% of your RDA
  • Fibre equal to a cup (100g) of Sprouted Moong taking care of 7% of your RDA
  • Calcium equal to 65 mg taking care of 8.5% of your RDA

And Amaranth? Health and organic food lovers know what it can do Amaranth, also known as Ramdana or Rajgira in India, contains about 14% protein. It is rich in many essential amino acids like lysine(more than 0.7%) which is the highest for any cereal. Lysine helps your body absorb calcium, aids in the production of antibodies, helps form connective tissues and convert fatty acids into energy. Amaranth is very rich in Iron, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Magnesium and fibre. We are using Amaranth in its whole form bringing its entire goodness to you. Know more about them.

Fruits of Honesty!

juicesOur range of Organic Fruit Juices has just grown wider. So if you have tasted our Mango juice last year and experienced more fruit, you can continue to do so with our latest entrants- Apple Juice, Mixed Fruit and the all time favorite flavor Orange. In all these products you will experience the same principles of honesty and organic integrity. Pure, organic fruit, grown in areas where the respective fruits grow best and processed in plants with a high quality of organic adherence and stickiness to standards. 24 Mantra Organic Fruit Juices have more fruit and are 100% juice. We recommend that your breakfast juice should be 24 Mantra. Purity, nutrition and in combination with our Organic Flakes your mornings have got the best start you can imagine.

The earth knows its crop

earth1Our farmers are the earths best friends. They know the soil what it can grow, what will not harm it, how will it stay nourished and how does one nurture the nutrients. After all, it makes sense to grow that crop which is best suited to that soil, climate and experience. We all know the best orange-growing areas in India. Maharashtra and more precisely near Nagpur, Marathwada areas. Similarly, we know that rice from Andhra Pradesh has a distinctive flavor and aroma. But here is where we bring in the difference by choosing those areas, which are organic and pure. Do you know that AP has one of the largest usages of pesticides perhaps close to Punjab? Our Field Supervisors, our farmers and our philosophy in unison mean we respect the earth for what it can do for us. When we combine that with the knowledge of the farmers sustainability becomes a reality. That has been our experience and journey alike. Sustainability is an everyday commitment and discovery for us. We are doing it as much as we can. Do support us.


24 Mantra Logo SmallFounded by Raj Seelam and his band of organic travelers, 24 Mantra Organic has grown to be India’s largest organic food brand sold in US and international markets. With sustainability as a core belief the company has been striving to create a sustainable means of livelihood for farmers through organic farming, providing food that is free of pesticides and chemicals and making continuing efforts to create a sustainable planet. In this ongoing journey, 24 Mantra works with 35,000 farmers on 2,00,000 acres of land across 15 States of India. With a product range of 200 products, 24 Mantra for many families is the way to lead a nutritious and healthy life whether it is with staples or health foods. 24 Mantra products are available in 1500 + outlets across India. It is also the first brand to be certified for Indian, US & European Organic Standards and is the only Indian brand sold in US and international markets.

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